RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY

EVENT: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at A. Scott Emmons Water Reclamation Facility

LOCATION: Social Circle, Newton County, GA

DATE: May 19, 2022

PARTICIPANTS: GWES, Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority, and Reeves Young

On Thursday, May 19th, 2022, the Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority’s A. Scott Emmons Water Reclamation Facility ribbon cutting ceremony took place with over one hundred people in attendance.  GWES was the Engineer of Record for the Construction Manager at Risk delivery project.  The 1.25 million gallons per day (MGD) facility will initially serve the Stanton Springs Industrial Park.  Its’ design is inclusive of Aqua Aerobics’ Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) process, disk filters, UV disinfection, and rotary press solids handling.  The facility will have the ability to expand up to 3.75 MGD.  This is one of the premier projects defining GWES’ ability to provide engineering excellence and superior customer service to our clients.  We want to thank NCWSA for the opportunity to serve their customers and community.  Truly, it is our honor.

SPEECH:  Burke Murph, Managing Principal of GWES and Engineer of Record, gave the following speech at the Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority’s A. Scott Emmons Water Reclamation Facility ribbon cutting ceremony…

S incerity. GWES has worked for the NCWSA since 2015.  Personally, I’ve worked for Mike and his staff since 2008.  We are forever grateful to be a part of this amazing project.  The ASEWRF project resonates vision, engineering, and construction excellence.  The development of NCWSA’s vision was established in 2006 when this land was purchased unknowingly to serve billion-dollar industries.  The vision was not only to serve these industries with water and wastewater infrastructure, but to build an environmental compass defining the principals of water quality and conservation.

C ommunication. It is the foundation of this success story.  It led to the culmination of engineering and construction collaboration.  The success of this project was derived from the continuation of communication between organizations.  Between March of 2019 and 2022, the team worked together daily to overcome challenges, identify solutions, and yield productivity.

O rganization.  This project thrived as a result of organization.  Organization starts at the top and trickles down to those tasked every day to make paper become reality.  Many men and women supported this project through daily oversight and professional insight.  NCWSA is one of the strongest organizations we’ve had the privilege to work for.

T reatment.  Treatment goes beyond the context of wastewater.  I’d like to reference the Golden Rule, to treat others as you would like to be treated, and it was exhibited throughout this project.  The people associated with this project have a deep respect for the functions of each other.  Relationships were forged.  Solutions were found.  Challenges were overcome.  We were all working for a common goal.  It is a testament to the organizations involved during these uncertain times that this project was delivered on schedule and within budget.

T hanks.  I would like to thank the NCWSA Board for their support of Mike and his staff.  I would like to thank Mike, Wayne, and the rest of NCWSA staff for their support. I would like to thank Clark Nexsen and Pi-Tech for their assistance in the design of this facility.  I would like to thank Reeves Young for their commitment to the successful delivery of this amazing project.  I would like to thank Matt Taylor, Casey Piper, Michael Griffore, and the GWES staff for their hard work to ensure success on this project.  Finally, I give my praise to God for the opportunity to be here with you all today.