Creekwood Neighborhood Drainage Improvements

City of Perry

DATE OF SERVICES: February 2019 – January 2022



  • CDBG Program Assistance
  • Preliminary and Final Engineering Design
  • Bidding and Construction Administration


  • Burke Murph – Project Manager
  • Matt Taylor – QC Manager
  • Barrett Neal – Assistant Project Manager
  • Michael Griffore – Senior Designer

CLIENT: City of Perry


The Creekwood Neighborhood, a low-income housing area in the southern part of Perry, GA, bounded by I-75, east by General Courtney Hodges Blvd, has experienced continuous drainage issues due to the lack of storm drainage maintenance and infrastructure.  Even though some infrastructure conveys water to multiple outfalls located in the northwestern portion of the neighborhood, the majority of the 59 properties have no infrastructure along streets to reduce the likelihood of flooding on their property.  Additionally, the current street conditions have compounded the drainage issues in the area and will continue to erode if not addressed.

To address these issues, the City of Perry (City) contracted with GWES to provide engineering services related to a 2019 Community Development Block Grant to undertake design and construction management for this project. GWES assisted the city with pre- and post-award services, including providing the city with a Preliminary Engineering Report during the development phase of the application.  On August 30, 2019, Governor Kemp announced that the City had been awarded $996,350.00 in CDBG funds for the multi-activity project along Riley Street, Gordy Street, Stanley Street, and Baird Street, which will include street improvements, drainage improvements, and housing rehabilitation.  GWES completed the engineering design and bidding phase of this project with construction beginning in April 2021.  Construction included the installation of approximately 2,500 LF of 15”-30” storm drain piping and associated drainage structures, ditch improvements, storm pond improvements and all related work.