Indian Creek Gravity Sewer Upgrades & Improvements

City of Covington

DATE OF SERVICES: October 2019 – February 2021



  • Engineering and Permitting
  • Bidding
  • Construction Administration


  • Burke Murph – Project Manager
  • Matt Taylor – Quality Control
  • Claire Swaim – Senior Project Engineer
  • Mike Griffore – Senior Designer
  • Barrett Neal – Assistant Project Manager

CLIENT:  City of Covington


The City of Covington (City) requested engineering services to address the Indian Creek Circle Sewer Outfall which was experiencing surcharges and subsequent spills that appeared to be caused by an acute angle in the 24” DIP southwest of Indian Creek Circle.  In a previous sewer capacity study, the 24” DIP appeared to be sized properly to convey the flow in the sewer basin.  The city wished to abandon the existing 24” DIP gravity sewer in place and to install approximately 1,000 LF of 24” DIP gravity sewer with the intent of eliminating the acute and reducing the likelihood of surcharges and spills.  GWES’s services included development of preliminary and final design drawings and technical specifications, associated environmental permits, bidding, and construction administration.  Construction included installation of a 24” gravity sewer main to replace the existing sewer main and alleviate surcharging.  The work also included installation of approximately 100 LF of 24” D.I. gravity sewer along with associated manholes, connections, and other related work.