Kings Chapel & Gurr Rd Water Supply Evaluation

City of Perry

DATE OF SERVICES: August 2019 – November 2019



  • Water Supply Evaluation


  • Burke Murph – Project Manager
  • Barrett Neal – Assistant Project Manager
  • Claire Swaim – Senior Project Engineer
  • Michael Griffore – Senior Designer

CLIENT:  City of Perry


There are several subdivisions located just east of Perry Parkway along Kings Chapel Road and Gurr Road within the City of Perry’s (City) water service delivery area but outside of the City’s existing water supply limits.  The City contracted with GWES, LLC (GWES) to conduct a water supply evaluation for the possibility of extending water supply lines from their existing system to serve these areas in an effort to eliminate water supply from Houston County.  The city currently purchases water from the Houston County Water Department (County) through several master meter locations for distribution to these customers.

After completion of this water supply evaluation, GWES determined that the study area can be served by extending water mains from the City’s existing water distribution system on Perry Parkway. A looped water main is recommended along Kings Chapel Road, Gurr Road, and US Highway 341 with connections to the existing system on Highway 341 and Kings Chapel Road.

Engineering calculations indicated that an 8” water main loop is sufficient to serve the subdivisions in the study area; however, the City may consider upsizing this loop to 12” for future potential development or water main extensions east of the study area.  An 8” water main loop provides no certainty that future subdivisions on Gurr Road will meet the 1,000 GPM fire flow requirement and little chance that the system will have adequate flow and pressure for future development east of the study area.  Construction of a 12” water main loop would ensure the City’s ability to provide a 1,000 GPM fire flow to future subdivisions along Kings Chapel Road to Arena Road.  The overall water delivery capacity of the system may be 2 MGD with an 8” water main loop and 3.6 MGD with a 12” water main loop