Tucker Road Culvert Replacement

City of Perry

DATE OF SERVICES: May 2020 – January 2022



  • Engineering Survey
  • Preliminary Engineering and Engineering Design
  • Bid and Construction Administration


  • Burke Murph – Project Manager
  • Matt Taylor – QC Manager
  • Barrett Neal – Assistant Project Manager
  • Michael Griffore – Senior Designer

CLIENT:  City of Perry


Due to the development of a sinkhole behind a custom rock headwall in the right-of-way, the City of Perry (City) found the culvert in a state of severe degradation.  The City contracted with GWES for the replacement of the triple barrel corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culvert and headwalls to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic roadway failure.  Refer to the photograph at the top for visual observation of GWES’ assessment of the culvert.  Based on topographic survey and preliminary investigation, GWES performed a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the contributing watershed to determine the capacity of the existing triple barrel culverts and the ability to handle a 25-year, 24-hour storm in order to meet City standards.

In order to adequately replace the severely degraded triple barrel CMP culver and headwalls to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic road failure, GWES recommended replacing existing infrastructure with a 42” RCP and headwall.  The existing triple barrel culverts are the equivalent of a 42” CMP; however, according to the City’s Stormwater Local Design Manual, all pipes under roadways that are accepted by the City of Perry for long-term maintenance, shall be constructed of RCP meeting Georgia Department of Transportation Standards.  In addition, the culverts for collector roads with contributing drainage areas greater than 10 acres shall be designed to the 50-year, 25-hour storm.  Based on these requirements, the calibrated calculations, and the flooding results from Hurricane Sally, a 42” RCP is capable of handling a similar 50-year storm without overtopping Tucker Road while somewhat reducing upstream flooding and minimizing downstream impacts.

GWES provided engineering design, bidding, and construction administration services related to preparation of Contract Documents for replacement of the triple barrel CMP culvert adjacent to 2005 Tucker Road for the City of Perry (City), Georgia.   Proposed improvements include the replacement of existing stormwater culverts with a new 42” RCP culvert, headwalls, and associated stormwater infrastructure.  Construction was completed in January 2022.